Character Design to Animated Filmmaking for Virtual Production

The media and game industries are going through a paradigm shift in the current times. The education industry is adapting to the needs of the industry and there is an explosion of creative talents at the horizon with the advent of emerging technologies like Digital Humans, Virtual Production, AI Voice Overs, Live Streaming Motion Capture and more.

Virtual Production has transformed the art of filmmaking, empowering creatives to tell dynamic narratives while utilizing 3D game development and rendering production processes.

It is much easier and simpler for independent creatives or groups to start up their own production studios to tell their stories without the need for big budgets and expensive studios. The one thing that has stopped a lot of people in the past is the lack of confidence in creating a production-level concept and formal educational training in the creative fields, be it character design, environment design, VFX, sound design, etc. Those are things of the past. opportunities are knocking on the door with the likes of Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and other OTT streaming networks searching for animated, episodic, live-action, and feature-length content.

Film festivals globally have seen increased participation with amazing stories coming to life through new mediums. To date, the film industry and the game development industries have been contained in their individual silos with cinematographers focused on visual storytelling while game designers sitting behind their computer screens writing codes to tell their stories. The lines are now blurred and more industry guilds, associations, film commissions are realizing that there is no hard and fast rule to creativity. We are all storytellers and have been telling stories throughout the ages in different forms through different cultures.

Thanks to Epic Games, Nvidia, Replica AI, Reallusion, you can now be a Virtual Production Cinematographer to bring your stories to life, and if you so desire take it a step further to make those stories fully interactive and into the realm of gamification.

At Virtual Production Dojo, we’ve simplified the process for you by showing you the best methods and practices for you to be able to prototype, iterate, produce, direct, animate, and create a short film that is worthy of being shown to an audience. Our training programs are created and designed with proper pedagogy and learning outcome-based approach while finely balancing the needs of the industry for talent to be ahead of the curve, be explorative and bold.

We prepare our students and participants with hands-on, practice-led training, live mentoring, agile sprints, production workflows, and the most exciting part of all, the creation of an idea, the characters, the worlds, cameras, visual effects, and more. The result – every student creates their own individual short film to tell their unique story.

That’s Good, Right! We do this by offering the constantly evolving skills training as well as the full commercial 3D Character and Animation software toolkit from Reallusion as part of Certificate in Virtual Production Methodologies training program. “ENROLLING NOW”

Perhaps you are an industry professional DOP, VFX artist, Game Designer, Educator, Producer, or just starting out in the industry, now is the right time to start upskill with the emerging technologies at Virtual Production Dojo.

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