Certificate in Virtual Production Methodologies

From Character Design to Virtual Production Filmmaking

The program encourages a knowledge-sharing framework focusing on prototyping and industry-specific projects to bring stories to life using emerging technology pipeline solutions from Reallusion & Unreal Engine 5.


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Reallusion Commercial Software Included:

We give you the skills and software tools to unleash your creativity.

Included: Complete Reallusion 3D Character Design & Animation Bundle Perpetual License.

Introduction to Emerging Technologies

The program will introduce Unreal Engine, Unreal Engine Learning resources, Reallusion: Character Creator, IClone, KitBashing, Digital Humans, 3D Character, PreVis and Filmmaking to understand and expedite the creation process for Virtual Productions. They will also be introduced to principles of scriptwriting, film editing using Blackmagic Resolve, and hearing from industry professionals and educators in the field of virtual productions.

2 weeks

Live Online:
Tues, Wed, Thurs: 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM EDT

Applied Learning:
Minimum time commitment: 15 – 20 hrs/per week

Application of Introduced Technologies

Participants will apply the techniques to their projects, starting from collaboration with team members, story ideation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, asset preparation and identification, project creation, virtual environment development, character establishment, animation retargeting and implementation, camera work, working with sequencer and more.

5 weeks

Live Online:
Tues, Thurs: 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM EDT

Applied Learning:
Minimum time commitment: 20 – 25 hrs/per week

Finalising Virtual Production Short Film Project (Max 3 mins)

Participants combine everything they have explored and learned to develop and render out their short film via Unreal Engine Movie Renderer in this phase.

Once rendered, the film will be transferred into Black Magic Resolve for post-production and editing, sound design and mixing and final delivery showcase.

3 weeks

Live Online:
Wed: 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM EDT

Applied Learning:
Minimum time commitment: 20 – 25 hrs/per week

Admission Requirements

No formal qualifications required. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. 

Course Dates:

Intake Dates:

05th June 2023 – 11th August 2023

*This course is delivered online, fully remote.

Course Fees:



Tuition Fees:

  • $6,990.00 USD

*NOTE: Tuition Fees must be paid Two Weeks prior to the start date to ensure Software Licences delivery on time. 



If you have questions regarding scholarships or wish to acquire an independent scholarship, please get in touch with our team in confidence to discuss your options.



  • PC Desktop or Laptop
  • 16 GB or higher RAM
  • 6 GB or higher VRAM
  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Internet Connection
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Speakers
  • 200+ GB free space
    • If you plan to use Quixel assets, or numerous asset packs, then please make sure you have access to more storage.

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Learning Outcomes

The Certificate in Virtual Production Methodologies runs over 10-weeks as an industry intensive, hands-on training to expose the participants to the learning pathways and emerging technologies of real-time graphics, machine learning, and interactive tools inside Unreal Engine by Epic Games.

Through the program, participants will gain proficiency in:

  • Story Ideation and prototyping
  • Production Workflows and Research methodologies
  • Developing pipelines for creating digital humans
  • Motion capture for animation
  • Cinematic principles for Virtual Production
  • Virtual cinematics within the game engine

Identify the workflow methodologies of virtual production.

Understand the virtual production pipeline/workflows and how they are used in a range of productions from previs to final rendering.

**Optional** Use consumer augmented reality enabled devices to control virtual cameras to capture production-ready scenic compositions.

Learn how to navigate and identify 3D assets and environments to use for virtual sets to bring your production to life.

Ideal Candidates:

Independent Filmmakers – Directors; Producers, Exec Producers; Technical Directors; Cinematographers; VFX artists/supervisors

Networks & Media Companies- Content Development Executive; Director of Video; Technical Director; Interactive Producer; Creative Production Manager; Directors of Emerging Technology and Innovation

Creative Studios / Experience Design Firms- Producer, Executive Producer; Technical Director; Media Production; Content Director; Creative Technologist; Technical Producer

Corporate/Brand – Producers, Exec Producers; Creative Technologists; Chief Content Officer, Creative Production Manager; Emerging Technology and Innovation Directors

Agency – Producers, Exec Producers; Directors of Content Production, Integrated Production; Emerging Technology and Innovation Directors

Educators – Teachers/instructional designers in film/content production

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