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Identifying the Void

There is a significant gap in the industry for Virtual Production capabilities. Most training institutes and programs only focus on teaching game development. In contrast, the film and media industry only focus on the traditional Camera, Scriptwriting, Lights, Acting and Art Departments.

This has created a void for the emerging field of Virtual Production and the talent who understands the complexities of bridging the gap between traditional storytelling mediums and gamification.

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Technological Pursuit

Filmmaking is an ever-evolving artistic and technological pursuit. When we talk about virtual production and the benefits it offers to filmmaking, we’re really talking about the next logical step in an ongoing evolution to encourage exploration of emerging technologies.


Virtual Production is becoming a practical solution for mainstream productions that need to consider social distancing and budget.

Integrating talent into digital environments is no longer limited to Hollywood blockbusters, it’s becoming a practical solution for mainstream productions. The pandemic has increased the search for virtual production solutions that allows to reduce the number of people on the stage.

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Training Opportunities

Virtual Production Dojo aims to fill the gap in the industry for Virtual Production capabilities by offering hands-on training in Virtual Production and Gamification. supporting the ethnic communities within the creative industries to better visualise and bring their stories to life.


Imagery created to help an in-development project and convey the filmmakers’ creative intent to earn a greenlight from a studio or gain interest from would-be investors.


Most widely-recognized form presented in behind-the-scenes visual effects presentations including music, sound effects, and dialogue designed to approximate the look and feel of final sequences.

Visual Scouting

Presents a completely digital version of a location or a proposed set which crew members can interact with. The interaction might take place in an HMD (head-mounted display) or simply on a computer screen.

Motion Capture

Process of recording the movements of objects or actors to animate digital models. When it includes the actor’s face and more subtle expressions, it’s often referred to as performance capture.

The Future of Storytelling

Virtual Production Pipeline

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