Internationally Accredited

Reasllusion Certified Training Centre

Upcoming filmmakers, designers, cinematographers and interactive designers now have the opportunity to receive a Complete 3D Character Design & Animation Bundle package when they study with Virtual Production Dojo.

Virtual Production Dojo has acquired international accreditation as being New Zealand’s first Reallusion Certified Training Centre.

Under the guidance of Virtual Dojo Production specialists, students will be trained in virtual production methodologies and emerging technology pipelines.

Operating entirely online, the course will give students a practice-based experience for character design and animation with Character Creator3 iClone7, real-time filmmaking and rendering using Unreal Engine from Epic Games, pushing them to explore the possibilities of digital creation. Virtual Dojo Production provides the opportunity to gain skills and tools for their journey into the creative industry.

Participants will have access to specialists to develop their knowledge in animation, character design, and story creation during their studies.

By the end of the programme, students will be capable of building their virtual creations. They will have a complete short film for their portfolio.

Accepting Enrollments now! To learn more about the programme, click here.

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