2022: Year of Virtual Production Creativity


Virtual Production is becoming an integral part of the Production Pipeline by leveraging advances in computing and game engines. This cutting-edge technology gives rise to compelling photo-realism while locations from all over the world can be brought on stage through it.

We are excited to kickstart 2022 in grand style with a number of exciting developments including all new industry certification training program Reallusion Intensive Certificate – Character Creator & iClone.

So what makes Virtual Production Dojo unique as a training academy? That is a great question and the answer lies in the completely instructor-led, hands-on contemporary training programs designed for ease of understanding, quick prototyping and content creation.




Perhaps you are a game designer, animator, filmmaker, producer, indie artist, photographer, director of photography, architect, or even an educator wanting to develop creatively impressive and impactful narratives and content.

You want to join a training program where you can ask questions, and be shown some easy-to-understand tips and tricks to create content quickly without having to go through a university degree program in game development and programming, well don’t look further.

We teach you contemporary skills and we give you “Full 3D Character Creation and Animation” software perpetual licenses for Reallusion Character Creator 3 and iClone 7, including the highly demanded SKinGen, Headshot and Unreal LiveLink plugins worth approximately two thousand dollars, empowering you to be industry-work-ready and have the confidence to start your own productions.

As a Reallusion Certified Training Center, we also offer the official Reallusion Certification on completing our certificate programs. These are skills that are highly in demand globally and productions are looking for talent presently.

Are you ready to Join the Revolution!



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